Annual Agent and Managing Broker Fee
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A $1,500 first year fee is paid up front by all agents, Managing Brokers, and Staff ("Staff").  The fee pays for Dorothy.com's LEO service fees.  You will receive bricks for each dollar paid.

LEO is a system that documents and organizes each touch of a member, electronic or in-person that is designed to keep data accurate on a continuous basis. All inbound and outbound communications go through LEO. This includes emails, texts, chats, phone calls, transaction documents, etc. There are no separate systems for phones, email, accounting, referrals, social media, opportunity management or engagements. LEO provides the ability to see how everyone is related. An electronic bread crumb trail is left on each transaction linking any location, entity or organization that is touched by a member. All this is done through a member portal that resides behind a secure firewall.

LEO will give you the ability to spend more time with members assisting in the buying, selling and renting of real properties. Information is the power that LEO will provide to each member agent/broker. No more searching multiple data bases, silos, for bits and pieces of information and getting bogged down by duplicate information, LEO provides it all in one place, one time. LEO will drive more revenue by increasing the number of transactions and lower costs by reducing the time it takes to generate transactions. More transactions and less costs translate to more profits that are shared with all members. Dorothy.com is designed to incent our members to share our principles and vision with others. By sharing our message our profits grow and all members benefit.

If the fee is going to be funded by others, then go to http://member.dorothy.com and select "brickfunding" under the menu "Bricks" for an example.  Call us on our store number 630-283-6535 to initiate the transaction.
$1,500.00 inc. tax
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